7 Nov 2003

Carry on Screaming

The IVR has been switched on and the melon ball free gift has ended so, yesterday there was an equivalent of tumbleweed blowing through the office, compared to the bedlam we have experienced for the past three weeks.

We decided to have a Halloween focus event. It was a week late but Bernard had bought a load of treacle toffee and he wanted use it for an incentive for the staff. He said: “Do you think the fishmongers at Seattle stop having fun when THEY are busy? Errrrrmmm!”

The staff were a little bemused by the whole thing. Tizzy had rescued a jack-o-lantern from the kitchen bin at home. It was shrivelled and there were baked bean stains on the outside.

Call Centre Tony was wearing a Las Vagas Elvis suit. He wears it for every focus day, from seventies day to Pop Idol Day. He had his face painted white: “I’m dead Elvis – are you having that son?”