7 Jul 2003

Hi-yo Silver, Away!

“How.” Thrush greeted me with his palm.

I still had paint on my face from yesterday so it prompted him to make comments about wigwams, tomahawks and Mini Ha Ha, all day.

Brenda joined in with a barking laugh.

Honk! Honk!

Still things are looking up. The calls have been coming through 2 Fast 2 Furious, as they say in the movies, and we are way ahead of schedule.

I was horrified when Simon, the Craig David looky likey, was saying “do you want some hardcore,” to a customer. Apparently it’s one of the products that Dartanian sell.

Barney has devised a celebration dance every time there is a sale. He does a big high five, while all the team shout out “All for one and ONE for all!”

They did it once.

Barney did it on his own a couple of times.

By lunchtime it was forgotten.