15 Jul 2003

Trouble Brewing

Here we go.

I knew that my recent run of good luck was due to end. It did today, during a call review. I have just about got to grips with the call monitoring software, so I decided to kill a couple of hours by listening to some calls.

I wish I’d kept Pandora’s box unopened.

I’ve had to work late, creating a file note and preparing for the inevitable backlash: I’m going to have to get personnel involved and everything. Talk about a bad air day.

Simon, the Craig David looky-likey, has finally pushed his limits too far by arguing with a customer about … farting. Unlikely as it may sound, he put an eloquent, perfectly reasoned, but inappropriate, apologia for cracking one out during a call about fence-posts.

Customer: “What was that?”

Simon: sniggers “Sorry sir, I was just blowing off… (noise off) TWIST, there I go again!”

Customer: “Well, there is no need for that.”

Simon: “Are you telling me you have never farted sir? It’s the most natural thing in the world. It is only like sneezing through your arse.”