1 Jul 2003

Sitting on the Fence

The team have been in a state of barely restrained euphoria all day at the thought of team meeting. I have been putting together ‘agenda items’ in spare moments.

Also, Graham the manager of the fence and garden suppliers came in today. He is a heavily tanned, tall guy, with a possible wig.

Look at the evidence:

1) His fringe has no apparent connection to his scalp.
2) His hair above the collar is white, yet the hair on his head is a chestnut brown.
3) There is a label sticking out (Dry Clean only).

I made up the last one.

During the meeting we held with him, my fascination with his syrup distracted me somewhat. He was telling me all about the virtues of feathercrete compared with concrete posts and how his, smaller operation, was far better than “the big boys” such as B&Q and Focus, as he builds fences on site, reducing the movement that the panels have to endure.

I’d ordered a plate of biscuits; he managed to polish off the borbourn creams.

I said yes in all the right places, and pretended to listen to anecdotes about his rags to riches life story. I was too distracted by his syrup to be really interested.

I have a good feeling about this campaign.