8 Feb 2005


Bernard had finally made an appearance following the restructure announcement. At today’s meeting there was a toadying competition to see who could congratulate him the most for his bravery. Everybody loved the new Organogram.

“There’s plenty of opportunities for everyone.” Martin said, raising his ‘best boss in the world’ cup to salute him. Of course he likes it, he’s going nowhere different and gets to move into Brenda’s desk, complete with its own fan.

“If we don’t change we may become extinct.” Ian pointed to his Jurassic Park tie to emphasise the point.

“So true,” Bernard was getting into the grooves of the compliments by now.

“Who moved my cheese?” Brenda said.

Bernard stood up and said, “Thank you Brenda. You have reminded me of a seminal work concerned with change-management. Who Moved My Cheese uses the parable of mice looking for food to illustrate the need for change.”

“No Bernard. I’ve lost my shopping from Marks.”

If found, please return to …