23 Feb 2005

It gets Sadder

The Catalogue That Cannot Be Named is selling a range of ‘SAD Lights’ for people who don’t like the winter. The catalogue claims that ‘it may’ sooth people who suffer from Seasonally Affected Disorder with its bright ‘simulation day light’ and range of ‘dolphin music’.

“Is it like that SARs?” Joan asked.

I said that it wasn’t and that, according to the catalogue, its more prevalent than you may think.

“I think I’ve got it sir,” Simon, the Craig David looky-likely, made a bid for another sick note.

SAD. SAD Lights.

Long winter nights can make anyone a bit miserable, but haven’t these people heard of telly, stella and packet of crisps? It makes a pleasant change to having your retina burned out to the sound of bleedin’ Flipper.

Buy one while stocks last.