21 Feb 2005

Wigham of Wigan

I spent most of last week going to and from Wigan with Brenda, preparing for move at the end of March by filling flip chart paper with multi-coloured action plans.

Brenda flounces through the office with her clip board ‘making observations’ about the Wigan office, its people and plant arrangements, “Who maintains the greenery in the office?” she asks Steven, the present office manager.

“We do.” He replied.

She wrote, “Outsource” and a big question mark with a big girly dot.

Steven looks like Wigham from the Simpsons and he is a secret spec wearer. He likes Brenda being up close, breathing her lunch up his hairy nostrils, because he can’t see her. The tramlines on the side of his head and his ‘deck-chair-leg’ nose give his secret away.

Brenda wrote, “Making a Work Plan” on the board.

Steven leant over and whispered, “Marketing a Wok Pan? What does she mean?”