4 Aug 2003

Communication let me down

Bernard looked like the cat that got the cream. Pleased as punch. He was like a dog with a tin dick.

He called all the Team Managers into his office. “I have got the new staff communication video. It is excellent and delivers some key messages in new and interesting way.”

We nodded to each other in mock agreement.

“I want you guys to see the premier performance. I don’t have a red carpet, or a dress like Liz Hurley, errrrm! But, I have got some non-alcoholic bucks fizz, some savoury snacks and some serviettes so we can enjoy the presentation.”

We sat in front of his new plasma screen, ready to be impressed. “Ladies and Gentlemen. Prepare for the 2003 Staff Communication, “Precontact – The Future of Call Centre Communication.”

He pushed the shiny DVD disk into his iMac.

The screen went blue.

It came up with “Input AV Channel,” in green characters.

“Ladies and gentlemen … YOUR future.” Bernard said boldly.

The screen flickered to a dead channel and blasted out white noise.

Tony and Bernard spent about an hour plugging and un-plugging the leads from the iMac; changing the connections in the back of the plasma screen; fiddling about with the preferences of the computer and then ringing the help desk who offered a 24 hour call-out promise. “Same time tomorrow then guys. Normal service will be resumed ermmmm!”

At least the Pringles took my mind off the fizzy sweets for an hour.