14 Aug 2003

The Pet Shop Boy

There was a riot going on in the office today. Bernard and Brenda were away, so it was time to play. I climbed into the stock cupboard and found the dusty length of drainpipe and sock full of dried peas on the end of a piece of string, that was lurking at the back under a pile of paper.

Mental Mickey, a Team Manager who left to join a Bank Call Centre based in Durham, used to play this game every day throughout the summer. The idea is to drop the sock on the string through the drainpipe and the ‘players’ attempt to hit it with a rolled up newspaper before it is pulled back up the pipe.

The official name is ‘Sock the Sock’ but the ‘street’ name is ‘Twat the Rat’.

Barney was swinging a rolled up copy of Attitude above his head.

Tizzy was giddy, “Quick Barney, the little mouse is about to disappear up your chute.”

“Who do you think I am? Richard Gere?” He said bringing down the magazine.

Hole in one.