23 Mar 2003

Bog Wash

Bernard, the boss, called all of the Team Managers into his office today. He looked serious.

Redundancies had been threatened recently as there were rumours that The Call Centre was moving to India.

We expected the worse.

“Thank you for coming here so promptly. This is a serious matter and I needed to speak to you all personally before I take it further. There is a vandal in our midst.”

We looked at each other.

“Someone is stuffing toilet paper down the u bend of the toilets. Forcing it down with the brush. Then they are flushing, causing damage to the floor, the brush and the plumbing. Stop it. Stop sniggering and grow up.”

We looked at the ground.

“I want a ‘Toilet Duty’ rota drawn up and I want you to follow your staff into the toilets so we can catch the culprit.”

We looked bemused.