19 Mar 2003


We have been put on high alert due to the possibility of war.

Short of being issued with gas masks, I don’t think that The Call Centre managers can do anything else to make us more ready; more ready to face Sadam and his minions; more ready to face the paranoia of Tizzy and her ilk.

I had to show the team the Bomb Threat video today. Although it is not as amusing as the Fish video, it is one of the most unintentionally funny videos in the library. It is poorly acted and on dodgy ground because the actor who plays the bomber has an Irish accent. No doubt it will be updated to be more politically correct and feature a Greenpeace campaigner such as Swampy. However, it is more likely to have a fella with a tea towel on his head to represent Osma Bin Laden.

Barney, the big gay bear, who is on my team, was in hoots of laughter when the video suggested: “Ask the bomber why is he/ she doing it.”

“As if you are going to have a protracted discussion about the whys and where fors of international terrorism while everyone else rushes for the exits!”

He had a point.

Later, Tizzy was upset because someone phoned in claiming to be President Gadafi, he said that Tom Jones was his body double and the world was about to end.

I let her go home.