11 Mar 2003


Following ‘the trunks’ incident, internet access has been very restricted in The Call Centre. That said, everyone is playing Celebdaq (http://www.bbc.co.uk/celebdaq/) the on line Celebrity stock market where a celebrity’s value rises and falls according to the column inches in the daily papers.

I love Celebdaq, only because I can say, “I have dumped Danni Minogue because she kept going down on me,” and mean it.

Call Centre Tony and I have developed an alternative game for The Call Centre, its called Wankerdaq: share prices rise and fall depending upon how often someone has irritated you today.

For example: John One (Thrush) is at 2.34 a share (+4) because he has been a right royal pain in the arse since he had the best call performance figures last month.

Bernard (the boss) is at 18.00 (+4) because he wants to bring back the fish theme.

I am still developing my portfolio.