22 Mar 2003

Shock and Awe

There is nothing better than war or a soap crisis to get people talking at work. There has been something of a ‘Call Room Blitz’ of opinion on my team today. The cross-section of world opinion is represented on my team, from the sublime to the downright stupid.

Barney has been unhappy since they replaced BARGIN HUNT with analysis of the war on Day Time TV.

Joan keeps shouting: “Doesn’t Tony Blair look haggard.”

John Two has been banging on for weeks about his bunker that he has set up in his garage: rows and rows of baked beans and pot noodles along with gallons of fresh water are stocked amongst his Castrol GTX. Now that The Home Office has recommended that everyone buy a torch and a spare blanket in case of terrorist attacks, he feels that he has been completely vindicated.

Since a friend of mine pointed out that Sadam Hussian is the first military dictator in history to forsake a general’s uniform for a V-neck sweater, I have not been able to take him seriously. When he appeared on TV the other night, with a pair of Harry Cross (from Brookside) glasses, I have come to realise that his threat to the world is only slight.

Like I said. My team is the hothouse of debate. I still preferred the stuff about the serial killer on Coronation Street, some how it seemed more real.