6 Oct 2003


My deep thought was interrupted by hammering and drilling. We are having new wallboards installed to prepare for the new campaign. We will be receiving calls from catalogues and info-mercials on daytime television starting from next week and the wallboards will tell us how many customers are waiting and how many we are losing.

We have seen it all before of course. The present wallboards are a twinkling set of lights that serve no other purpose than fill a spot where a fire extinguisher could be.

The new ones are brighter, more colourful and more complicated. It won’t be long before there’re birthday messages spinning around, ignored by all, “Happy 21st Biffdi to June – from all your mates in accounts.” It will stay on for months. June will be collecting her pension before some one decides to take it off.

Bernard loves the wallboards as he thinks that it is another means of ‘improving manager-advisor relations’ by opening another channel of communication. In fact it is merely a demonstration of the wonders electricity.

I would ignore the wallboards all together. They would not feature in a blog entry. But these new ones make a noise.

When there are five calls waiting they make a bleeping sound.

It went off today and we wondered what is was – people went diving for their bags – they thought they were getting a text.

These wallboards were designed by Satan and life will never be the same again. Mark my words.