15 Oct 2003


(More views from the Call Centre Smoke Club from our correspondent, Fag Ash Lil, aka Old Yella)

There are definitely a few different factions in the Smoke Room which can be witnessed on a daily basis.

Firstly there is the Lone Wolf, they have purely come in to smoke and can be usually be found in the corners reading a book or newspaper. They don’t want to join in with conversation but have been seen stealing a glance above their reading material if a conversation gets interesting.

Then there’s the Sewing Circle, christened so as usually made up of older ladies. They have been smoking since it was fashionable and have a superior attitude to the rest of the Smoke Room - especially to those young pup’s who have the audacity to laugh out loud, which disturbs them greatly.

Then there are the Fun seekers (I'm one!). Groups of like-minded folks who come to unwind before going back to the necessary evil of working for a living. There are 5 in my group at the moment but we can intermittently be joined by others from like minded groups if there own isn’t there.

Lastly there are people like Barry. Barry is the type of person who doesn’t belong to a group, he doesn’t want to be a Lone Wolf but no group will have him. He bursts through the door like a man possessed, there’s an audible intake of breath while he decides which group he will join today.

Oh God he’s coming this way….