2 Oct 2003

Press the hash key now

I’ve been amusing myself today. Investigating Site-tracker for this site and the chat room in the call centre.

It seems that some people come here after typing ‘What do call centres do?’ It’s a good question – when you find the answer, let me know.

There is something odd about Bernard’s enthusiasm for staff intranet chat-rooms, as everyone else seems to be turning their back on increased electronic communication. That bloke from Phones 4 You has banned the use of internal e-mails and Microsoft have withdrawn their ‘free’ chat room service in the UK.

The new software is being ‘piloted’ on my team prior to full ‘roll out’ (see, I can use the jargon, promote me now!). I have to study the usage carefully and provide a report to Bernard with recommendations.
Today I have discovered a dialogue about ‘skunk’ between Simon ‘The Craig David’ and John ‘the anal retentive’ Doe. I first thought that they were referring to Manic Miner and the smell, but I soon realised that it was ‘wacky baccy’ they were earnestly comparing notes about.

It’s all I need; not only do I have to deal with Stig of the Dump, but I ‘ve got Cheech and bleedin’ Chong to sort out.

What do call centre Team Managers do?