13 May 2003

ABC Always Be Closing

Tantazia sun-bed campaign.

Two days in, 456 calls and not a single appointment booked.

Listening to the team on the phone, I can see where things are going wrong, so today I created some snazzy laminates to help the team sell the Sun Bed appointments.

Flirt. (Maintain the Valuing Dignity Policy: “You too could look like a Baywatch Babe” is probably ok. “I’ll come over and check your white bits.” Is over the line.)

DON’T: Get into conversations about melanoma.

DON’T: Compare the experience of being in a Tan Bed as “like being in a Breville sandwich maker”.

It is HOT to say: “You can look as good as Catherine Zeta Jones.” But NOT “In Two days you’ll be as brown as David Dickinson.”

DON’T: Discuss the “Tantazia Web Cam Incident” – the case has not yet gone to court – nothing has been proven.