20 May 2003

Life’s a Beach

Brownie points a go go today.

To give the Tantazia telesales campaign a boost in the final days I have had a ‘Beach Party’ theme day: we dressed down in shorts and Miami shirts and wore knotted handkerchiefs on our head. I had ‘Golden Brown’ by The Stranglers playing on a loop to motivate the team.

I had send John Two home for coming to work in speedo swimming trunks as he was distracting members of Janice’s team; or it would be more accurate to say: his member was distracting Janice.

I was determined to get the first sale of the campaign and it did not take long before the beach party worked its magic.

Barney launched himself out of his deck chair in a state of animated excitement. He was still attached to his headset when he went hurtling towards the appointment’s diary.

“Well let me check the diary … eemm … yes I think we can fit you in.” I rushed over to him and scribbled on a post it: “DON’T FORGET STU FRANCIS”

“I’ve booked that for you.” Barney stuck his thumbs up. “Well as a treat, we’d also like to invite you to a celebrity event this Saturday: free wine and all the Pringles you can eat and you can meet a local celebrity… yes … there’s no charge Mr Wainwright.”

I went cold.

When Barney came off the call I asked tentatively: “This Mr Wainwright, was he Irish by any chance?”

He didn’t need to answer; I could see Bernard in his office smiling to himself.

I’d been Mystery Shopped again!