11 May 2003

Bear Bash

Barney has been in a state of euphoria all day. There was a bear bash yesterday and he has had a shag-fest with the nation’s cubby chasers. He had a story to tell:

“Talk about coitus interuptus. I was on the canal and the next thing I knew, a barge run aground, and I was there – head to foot in leather - dragging it up the tow path to help them out, like a bleedin’ shire horse.”

Thrush missed the point: “Oh I have been on a cruise up the canal. It is all part of the fun, going up and down in the lock.”

“Chance would have been a fine thing. I never thought I’d be humping a barge at the canal.” Said Barney.

Meanwhile I have been preparing for the big Launch of the Tantazia – Sun Bed campaign. I have been reading up about the beauty business to get some background: I never realised what a bikini line was until today – I thought it was something you took to the beach to hang up your wet swimming costume. It isn’t, apparently.