22 May 2003

Bring it on

Finally, we had some success with the campaign. We are officially at the dregs of the leads now. There should be no hope with the people we are calling, but Brian (The Hills Have Eyes) managed to contact an old people’s home filled with sun-worshiping geriatrics. The have made a block booking for the next three months.

Steve, the owner-manager of Tantazia, phones every day to find out how many sun bed appointments have been made: “I know you can’t tell me exactly – but please can you give me a ball-point figure.”

I haven’t the heart to tell him how bad it has been so far, I haven’t managed his expectations very well, and indeed I have been building the sales up too much.

I told Steve about the block booking with the old folks home but he didn’t seem that impressed: “I’ll never get rid of the smell of old ladies’ piss.”