9 Sep 2003

Salt Lake City Limits

Sun Tzu says that strong armies pull together.

People say that John Three on my team is a Mormon, but I’m not sure. What do they look like? Are they tired and shagged out from having too many wives? Toothy and wholesome like the Osmonds? Or do they have septic knuckles from knocking on too many doors? Either way, everyone says he’s a Mormon, so the story sticks.

He is presently competing with John One (Thrush) for being the most annoying member of the team. Barney, the big gay bear, has introduced a hooter to the team. When a sale is made the hooter blows.

John Three hates it. He snapped at Tizzy, “Your toot is going off in my ear. I’m trying to concentrate.”

Barney tutted. “John. I thought you’d be happy to get the horn!”

Sun Tzu never worked in a call centre.