1 Sep 2003

Doing the Do!

Ian from the sales stream is spending the next couple of weeks sitting with people on my team in order to make an analysis of skill gaps and future training needs.

He is the image of sleaze. I checked the ground where he had walked for slime trials.

He is strange looking, one eye is lower than the other; he rests his hands on his pot belly when people are talking; he is ruthlessly sexist; he wears the same black shirt everyday with a different lurid, ‘character’ tie; and the women love him.

Tony loves his stories about women he has had affairs with in The Call Centre. He has been joining us in Tony’s canteen confessional the last couple of days. “Is it true you have been with Brenda?”

“That would be telling,” he gave a knowing smile.

“2002 manager’s conference.” Tony continued to grill him. “While we were listening to the usual claptrap you were …” he raised his fist in the air and blew a raspberry.

Later, I spoke to Janice about Ian and his reputation, and she tried to explain: “I know what you mean about his ‘look’ but he has an x-factor. I spoke to him earlier and he made me go all girly. He has an animal magnetism I can’t put my finger on …” We both looked across to where he was sitting.

He was stroking his Scooby Doo tie furiously.

I can learn from him.