6 Jan 2004

Lowering the Tone

“Where’s that coming from?” Janice was on the warpath. It seems that the entire Team Manager team has started the year with renewed vigour.

A mobile phone was ringing somewhere in the distance. She looked up from her desk and surveyed the area with her ‘don’t it make my brown eyes blue’ contact lenses.

“Where’s that coming from?” She marched over to my desk.

“I dunno. It sounds like an ice cream van.” I replied.

“If it is, I’ll have a ninety nine.” Barney, The Big Gay Bear, quipped.

She ignored him. She was deadly serious. She tracked it down to the Gents toilets so stood at the door, arms crossed, for twenty minutes stalking her prey.

Eventually, Ian emerged from the loos, wearing a Pink Panther tie, oblivious to the commotion he caused. He shrugged, “I was trying to find a new tone for my phone,” then walked away.

Ian is a ‘made’ manager.

‘Made’ managers can sit on the toilet, playing with their ring for twenty minutes, without any repercussions.