28 Jan 2004

There’s A Riot Goin’ On


Bernard was out of the office. Brenda had taken Janice to a meeting. Ian … Ian … was doing whatever Ian does …

Call Centre Tony and I decided to have a bit of fun.

We ransacked Fido’s desk and found a collection of meat products: half eaten chops, spare ribs and a chicken drum sticks. There were some interesting sausages in there too. A Cumberland pinwheel had gone hard, but it made a great Frisbee, and in no time it was flying from one end of the office to the other.

The sausage-disk skimmed past Barney (The Big Gay Bear) and Thrush as they were taking orders on the phone, and knocked the scary gnome off its spot.

Barney was unshaken by the noise around him and continued talking to his customer. “Sorry about that sir. A flying sausage has just knocked off our team mascot.”

It can get boring working in a call centre.