27 Jan 2004

Nice Nuts

I’m keen to put my recent efforts at becoming a ‘made’ Team Manager to one side.

I’m going to draw a line underneath the episode and move on.


Being ‘made’ certainly has its advantages – long lunches, a Teflon like ability to avoid responsibility, nicer coffee from Bernard’s new latte machine – but it turns people into tossers.

Maybe I don’t have the correct linage to be ‘made’. Maybe I can’t be arsed. Who knows?

I thought it would be novel, as a Team Manager, to get an understanding of what my team do. I took my headset out of its velvet-lined box and plugged into Tizzy’s phone and sat with her while she took calls.

She was all of a fluster with me next to her. A customer was complaining about the ‘Squirrel-proof bird-feeder’ and seeking compensation for damage to his roof and car as he claims that the device actually attracts, rather than repels the little critters.

“Our loft is a mess. The Christmas decorations have been torn to shreds. Have you seen what a squirrel looks like when it has gone to sleep next to a Mondeo fan belt? No? It’s not a pretty sight.”

Some call it the ‘compensation culture’. I call it ‘clutching at straws’.