31 Jan 2004

The Final Solution

In a bid to make sure that the Call Centre looks its absolute best for the visitors from The Catalogue That Cannot Be Named, Bernard has issued a secret instruction to Brenda.

She looked doe-eyed and pathetic as she obeyed his orders. “Hi Honey.” She moved in close.

Her bottom lip stuck out.

Clearly, she wanted me to ask what was wrong with her; I tried hard to resist, but I got drawn in. She whispered a response so I had to get closer to hear. She sighed and whispered and continued to look pathetic as she told me Bernard’s latest plan.

He wants to get the ugly people out of the office at the time of the visit. Brenda was clutching a list that included Fido, with his excessive facial hair, and Big Bess, with her excessive excess, from Janice’s team. What’s more, she wants ME to call them to a meeting for the duration of the visit. Do you think they are trying to tell me something?

She left the list and left me feeling sorry for HER because she had tell me.

Ah well, even Hitler had to start somewhere.