21 Jan 2004

This thing of ours

Mary’s report is filled with some ridiculous recommendations. She ‘s invented some great tongue twisters that will make the team compliant, but will turn each of them into Ronnie Barker on acid.

A suggested script: “…preventative procedures to protect your postage and packing price …” isn’t quite “Peter picked a piece of pickled pepper” but it’s as near as damn it.

Brenda and I went through the report with a fine-tooth comb. She laughed (Honk, Honk, Honk), she flapped, she looked concerned and she spilt coffee on it.

In the report, she has condemned three PCs due to dirty keyboards.

“We need to see her before Bernard gets to it. We need to work out this bad blood between us. We need to have a sit down.” I said.

“A sit down?” she replied.

Maybe I’ve taken this Sopranos thing too far.