28 Jun 2003

En Garde

Brenda and Bernard have offered me and my team a chance to redeem ourselves after the appalling results of the Tantazia, sun bed campaign. We start on a new, month long campaign on Monday. Another local business is using the Call Centre services: Dartanian, The Fencers – for all your fencing and gardening requirements.

It is going to be a ‘blended’ campaign, which means that the team have to be both inbound and outbound. In the quiet spells, when no one is calling in, the power dialler starts to cold call.

The team hate it because they don’t know whether they are coming or going.

The customers hate it because they are dealing with confused people who don’t know if they are calling or answering.

Call Centre management love it because it is relentless and nothing goes to waste.

Bernard collared me: “I know you can make this work. Bring it alive for your team. Lets have ‘Fence-Miesters’ – every time there is a sale, lets have a fencing competition. Lets have ‘Don’t fence me in’ piped through the call centre. Lets have fun AND make money. I know you can do it. Check it out with Health and Safety first and don’t spend any money.”