2 Jun 2003

Natural Selection

Sorry for not keeping this diary up to date very much this week. I have been preparing for an interview that is due soon.

A couple of weeks ago an internal advertisement was circulated for a vacancy that has been created in our department. Bernard wants a deputy so he can concentrate on more ‘strategic issues’. The new deputy will deal with the day to day issues that arise in the office, while Bernard continues to “think what is going to happen in three years hence.”

He has started to use that line for an excuse for everything: “Bernard, I haven’t had the overtime payment you promised.”

“Sorry. I have been thinking about the budget in 2006. This year is going to be a tough year for us. Do you need the payment immediately or can I carry it over to the 2006 budget?”

He was inspired by Minority Report, and he brought it into to the management meeting last week to illustrate the point: “I want us to become a ‘pre-cog’ Call Centre. We need to be proactive. We need to anticipate our customer’s needs. We need to be one step ahead. By having an Office Manager, I can focus on the future.”

When I submitted my application, he said: “I didn’t see this coming.”