3 Jun 2003

No Brainer

Bernard is captivated by using text messages as a means of communicating to his Team Managers. The Accident Group, the compensation claim company, went bust this week, and they apparently issued redundancy notices to their staff via text. Most people were appalled by this shabby treatment, but Bernard thought it was a great idea and insisted that we all provide him with our mobile phone numbers so he could reach us if he was off-site.

“I haven’t got one.” I said.

“What do you mean you haven’t got one! You work in a call centre man! You are like a vegetarian butcher!”

“I’ll get one,” I said, a little embarrassed by his reaction.

Call Centre Tony says that he can get me a cheap one from Jimmy The Wasp at the club he goes to.

I have asked for one that vibrates – I have to get some pleasure from Bernard calling me.