22 Jun 2003

Thin on the Ground

It has been boiling hot in The Call Centre today. Sundays are a day of rest. There is an air of calm that is impossible to recreate on a weekday. It is due to Bernard being out of the office – he generates a bio-climate of his own, usually stormy with the threat of lightening – when he is at home, wandering through the garden centres with his missus and kids, we have got our feet up, encouraging customers to call back another time, when we are really open for business.

It is the tyranny of the 24/7 consumer society that has created the myth that everything should be available ALL of the time. Whatever happened to the days when television had the good grace to have an Interval when they had nothing to say? These days they fill it with Gabby and Terry, instead of a test card.

The phenomena of kids waiting outside of their local Tesco for the latest instalment of Harry Potter should fill future generations with dread: it’s ok at the moment, while they are carefree 9 year olds, but will they be so enthusiastic in 7 years time when they have to sit on the tills at some ungodly hour so that middle class kids can be indulged in their latest fad?

Gentle reader, I implore you to make a stand against this tyranny. Think of the workers. The next time you need to make a call to your insurers, or to get that loan or to update your cable package, do the call centre workers of the world a favour – wait until Monday.

Unite; you have nothing to lose but your claims.

That reminds me, I need to call for some milk on the way home.