24 Feb 2004

Give it some stick, Mick!

Tizzy was squealing with delight today. She interrupted the morning focus session with an announcement: “I’ve got some stick insects. They are soooooo cute. I’ve named them Kerry and Jordan.”

Apparently she had been badgering her boyfriend for some after she saw them on “I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here.”

“Are you going to eat them?” Thrush asked. “Like Jenny Bond, she was VERY good, she ate them like they were Matchmakers; she kept a good old English stiff upper lip, not like Jordan …”

“No. Her lips are far from stiff.” Barney, The Big Gay Bear, suggested.

“I find them very more-ish” Tizzy said.

“What? Stick insects?” I said.

“No. Matchmakers.”