16 Mar 2004

Call in Noah

The floodgates have opened. Word has got around the team that I have given in to Brian, and let him stay in his window seat. It has caused a diplomatic situation that has rumbled on all day.

I only wanted to get Thrush out of earshot, and to make room for Fido, who is joining my team next week (along with his meat products).

A delegation from the ‘left bank’ of desks, led by Moomin Papa, asked to speak to me this afternoon. He presented a petition and waffled on about how it will affect the “team spirit” and that desk security was important to them.

I doubt that Martin Luther King could have generated so much passion over the location of a footrest.

Eventually I relented and agreed to reconsider the options.

I’ve spent three hours colouring in that plan. This is the thanks I get.