18 Mar 2004

Homage to Catalogue-ia

Brian has managed to secure his prime piece of real estate with a combination of concealed threats and appealing to my sense of “I-can’t-be arsed”. He has well and truly claimed squatter’s rights by sticking the words “Brian’s Chair – do not move or else!!!!!” on the back using the label machine and lots and lots of sticky tape.

An evening team needs to use the desks. We’ll be sharing. I don’t know how to approach this with the team, given they nearly staged a walk out when I suggested a bit of a move around.

‘Hot Desking’ brings out the worst in the most placid people at the best of times.
I considered playing a video of LAND AND FREEDOM, by Ken Loach, with its twenty-minute debate on the nature of collectivism during the Spanish revolution.

I've changed my mind. Collectivism may make them more willing to lend their chairs but it isn’t going to help my stats if they all hop on the next bus to Spain.