1 Mar 2004

The Mask

I need to get through the team’s appraisals this week. This is the most important point of the year for some of my team. They take it too seriously. Once, Moomin brought in a Dictaphone to make sure that the meeting was captured on tape. I’m not sure that it would be admissible in court, but it seemed to make him happy.

I started off easy and did the members of the team that are easy. John Doe is anal, but I quite like him. He has been cock-a-hoop since I came back from Cyprus with a rubber mask of Greek Cypriot President Tassos Papadopoulos. He has been collecting rubber masks of world leaders since he saw POINT BREAK.

On the other hand, Thrush is really difficult. He makes everything so hard because even when he is agreeing with what I say he snorts through his nose in disapproval.

The ‘Performance Wheel’ has been discovered in the corner of the top drawer. I’ve dusted it off and I have set the coordinates for self-destruct.