31 Mar 2004


The team are wearing me down with their complaints about the evening team sharing their desks.

Every piece of evidence of someone being there is treated like it’s a ripe turd. “There’s a sweet wrapper on the floor under my desk and I’m not picking it up.” Tizzy said.

“I keep being interfered with.” Brian said. “This screen is burning through my retina.”

I too have started to feel soiled. It’s similar to that feeling you get when you are riding on a bus. The ‘Goldilocks Effect’ is affecting me.

I have not met the Team Manager who sits at my desk in the evening. Our paths have not yet crossed, but she has taken down my picture of Dannii Minogue eating a packet of crisps and the laminated, life-affirming statements provided by Brenda.

The cheek!

She’s also sent a welcome message to me via e-mail and offered to have a meeting to discuss ‘ground rules’.

Rule number one: Hands off Dannii.