25 Mar 2004

Squares that Look Round

I have a golden ticket.

It arrived today in the internal post.

It was in a proper envelope too; not one of those scruffy looking ones with all the crossings out and a warning not to seal with sticky tape underneath a layer of sticky tape. It was a crisp and clean envelope with a printed label.

I have been invited to a two day seminar titled “Bigger Than Its Sum” to launch the merger of The Catalogue That Cannot be named with The Door To Door Catalogue that cannot be named. I’ve got two days out of the office next week while I listen about the “Dawn of a New Era of Mail Order Sales.”

Sure, it will be bum-numbingly boring and I’ll need to exchange small talk about the Call Centre (“Yes. It can be quite monotonous on the front-line, but I like to think we create a stimulating atmosphere and a creative culture.” Yeah – right.) But I intend to get extremely drunk on free booze and miss the second day.

There’s a Q&A session with the ‘Key Players’ too. I spent most of the day trying to compose a suitable question. Suggestions welcome.