8 Mar 2004

The Time Bandits

Nigel was getting excited today. He tried to talk tough to corral us into action. The ‘Time Management Spreadsheet’ needed to be handed in early Friday. Only Janice met the deadline.

“Bernard is not going to be happy and the happiness of Bernardo is what makes us happy Pippin.” He said in his sternest, most whimsical voice, to stir me into action.

He might have done too if he hadn’t insisted on referring to me as ‘Pippin’.

I hurriedly made up some nonsense and submitted it to him.

I consider myself to be someone of integrity and honesty, yet I was willing to lie in this ‘Time Management Spreadsheet’ to a level that would have made Jeffery Archer proud.

Where I went to the coffee machine, I ticked the box that said ‘Team Coaching’.

Where I went for a George the Third, I ticked the box that said ‘HR Matters’.

I asked Tony if he had filled his in honestly, “You could say that it is ‘semi-auto-biographical’.”

It keeps Bernardo happy.