24 Mar 2004


Hot-desking creates the ‘Goldilocks Effect’.

“Look at this. Look. Look.” Thrush was shaking his head from side to side. “This is no way to run the business.”

He was pointing at a small tower of plastic cups.

He did a stage-grimace as he picked them up. “Oh no. Oh no. There are still dregs in the bottom. I’m not paid for this!”

The Night Breed, the evening team, had left their mark.

“Ugh.” John Doe said as he sat down. “I hate sitting at a chair warmed by someone else’s arse.”

They had left hours ago. I doubt that the chair would still have a bum-glow, but I didn’t say anything.

My team were collectively scowling in disgust. Everyone had a complaint: Tizzy’s chair-height had been adjusted; Brian’s glare screen had gone missing and someone had left the top off his highlighter pens.

Ken Loach, if you are reading this, please advise me on how Marxism can work in these conditions.