27 Mar 2004

What a Wonka

I casually visited Bernard’s office with my golden ticket.

“I’m glad you’re here. I have a few bits for you to pick up.” Bernard swung his chair as he spoke and consulted a piece of paper covered in scrawl.

“I’ve been invited to a seminar next week.” I said.

“Yes I know. You all have. I’m speaking at it.” He grinned. “Power. Drive. Motivation.”

I paused. I thought he was just shouting out random words, but he seemed to be waiting for a response. “Well. What do you think? That’s my title. I want it to be all singing all dancing and show these guys that we mean business when it comes to communication solutions.”

Random words again. I nodded.

The evening of drinking until I was unconscious flashed before my eyes. “When are you on Bernard?”

“Second day. Bright and early because I want you to be on our exhibition stand.”

I’ll call Stella A. and Jack D. to tell them that the night’s off.