9 Apr 2004

Contents of Wrapstar’s Belly Button

I’m off work for the Easter break.

I thought I’d Blog about Blogging for a change; if you don’t relish the spectacle of someone slowly disappearing up his arse, then skip CCC for the next few days.

I intend to take navel gazing to a new level.

I’ve worked out how to do links (its only taken 13 months) so it’s going to look like a proper blog for a change. You never know, by this time next year I may finally discover what all that Blog Shares malarkey is about (CCC is at an all time high, apparently).

Tomorrow I’m going to up date my blogroll and discuss my favourites, but I thought I’d answer some of the questions that come up in the comments and to my in-box.

FAQ Part One

1) When and why did you start the blog?

I started at the end of February last year after reading an article on blogging in The Guardian. I had done some work on a call centre memoir as a parody of Anthony Bourdain’s excellent KITCHEN CONFIDENTIAL, trying to replicate the way he produced an interesting version of his working life in the kitchens of New York in the context of a call centre. I gave up after a while and shelved it until I discovered blogging.

I now find that the blog is a useful channel to cope with the absurdities of my day-to-day existence.

2) Do you think that blogging is a new form of journalism?

It’s not a genre of writing, it is a micro-publishing medium.

I used to spend months producing a magazine made out of ink, paper and staples and only 80 people would read it. Blogging is simple, quick and hassle free and available to more than 80 people.

3) Do your co-workers know about the blog and what do they think of it?

Most of the people I work with probably think that a blog is a form of alco-pop.

Fag Ash Lil is an aspiring author and, from an early stage, encouraged me to continue.

Call Centre Tony was one of the first people I told about CCC as he is a natural born comic. I was using so many of his turns of phrase that I thought he’d be flattered. Instead, he has tried to put as much distance between him and the blog as possible. It makes him nervous. He is convinced that the company will erect a set of gallows in the lobby when I am found out. He was panicky when he saw Belle de Jour ‘exposed’ on teletext. He thought that 'they' would come after me next. I pointed out that it was only Ceefax and CCC was hardly Watergate.

There are a handful of trusted colleagues who also know about it.

Q: Why Wrapstar?

A: ‘Wrap’ is call centre jargon for work done after a call: ‘wrap up’, ‘wrap time’. I wouldn’t want to use my real name in case I get confused with a ‘famous author’.

Q: Do you blog at work?

A: No. Our IT manager was trained at GCHQ and he will pick up on anything.

Q: Are you aware of your audience?

A: I enjoyed writing this rubbish when nobody was reading it.

I still enjoy writing it now that there’s a few more.

I’ll stop when I have nothing to say.

Q: Where did you get your skin?

A: I moisturise regularly.

Q: CCC is a lousy rip off of ‘The Office’. Discuss.

A: Fuck off.