7 Apr 2004

Gnomes at Golgotha

I spent the first hour of this morning staring out of the window and contemplating the irony of women on the other side of the world, whitening their faces with special creams, while they sit on production lines, painting ruddy cheeks on gnomes for The Catalogue That Cannot Be Named.

Meanwhile, there was a ‘between calls’ discussion regarding PASSION OF THE CHRIST. Tizzy had seen it over the weekend and she was clearly moved by the experience. “I don’t know how anyone can watch that film and not come out crying. I was heart broke.”

Brian, ‘The Hills Have Eyes’, interrupted abruptly, holding his palms out. “Don’t tell me what happens. I’m taking mum on Sunday.”


I suddenly noticed that our mascot has gone missing. The scary gnome, with one eye, a chipped cap and a ‘headset muff’ eye-patch has gone.

SMAGELL has struck again!