5 Apr 2004

Sunday Bloomin’ Sunday

“Did you see the paper yesterday?” Tizzy shouted over to no one in particular.

I held my breath. I wanted to keep a low profile today following Friday’s post-seminar bash and the appearance of Call Centre Confidential in yesterday’s Observer; I didn’t want any ‘connections’ to be made that may blow my cover.

“I knew that Posh and Becks were too good to be true.” Tizzy said.


Ian came over in a Betty Boop tie. He was beaming. “What are you like?” He went on to recount, in detail, the moves I made while dancing to ‘Hit Me Baby One More Time’ on Friday. It is amazing what powers you can discover using a cocktail of Jamesons and Stella.

We discussed the seminar and reminisced about previous clients, including the fence-makers and the sun-bed shop. “I was reading in The Observer yesterday,” he paused, my heart skipped a few beats, “women in Japan are whitening their skin with creams.”

As I suspected: there’s more to life than blogging.