11 Apr 2004

Further Adventures in Blogrolling

I can die happy. CCC has finally come of age. I have had my first referral from Camhunnies - I must be popular if I am targeted by a porn site - look out for those ‘Kleenex’ ads appearing at the top of the page soon.

The Second Verse of Troubled Diva is as entertaining as the first and the closest thing to a blog-a-zine around. I enjoyed cringing at the link to a botched Kylie interview last week and Mike manages to get the coolest commenters with pithy contributions building on his well constructed posts.

There’s a couple of work-based blogs that I enjoy. The best is set in a funeral home but it hasn’t been updated recently. It’s not dead it’s resting. You can also get elbow patches for your jacket and see life inside the staff room or, pop a parma violet and say hello to Spengy(ask him to write some more.)

Gary’s been on telly and he taught me how to ‘ping’.

I still don’t know what an aRSSe feed is – perhaps I’ll find out at Camhunnies – I’ll check it out for ‘research purposes’.