21 Apr 2004


Sweet Wrapper Watch, Day 17

“Its still there.” Thrush was shaking his head slowly.

I have contemplated sending an e-mail to SMAGELL to ask her to move the sweet wrapper as it is causing a bigger diplomatic crisis than the Gaza Strip. I think that it should come to a close before anyone gets killed.

A tall, pale looking lad shuffled into the office and over to the team. “Can I help?” I asked, a little irritated by his presence.

A few seconds passed while the question engaged with the synapses of his brain, “Huh…” He made Simon, the Craig David looky-likey, seem like Stephen Fry.

“I left my bag behind. It’s a black ruck sack.” He mumbled. “I’m on the evening team.”

The rest of the team pretended that he was not there and treated him with thinly veiled contempt. He was unshaken and lumbered around with the agility of the third Zombie from the left in the Thriller video.

“It’s there.” He pointed to an area near Tizzy’s desk and made a lunge and reached for his bag. In the same movement he swept up the sweet wrapper and tossed it into the bin.

Tizzy interrupted her call and pressed ‘mute’. “Put that wrapper back. NOW!”

Get Henry Kissenger on the line, quick.